Saturday, April 21, 2012

A crazy dog story for pet-lovers.

From the creator of Cole's Kibble and How I fight ADHD comes this:

A book about a dog is always intriguing.
How about a book about a Poodle with A.D.D, also known as an Attention-deficit dog?
Bitey Poodle is such a dog.
In the first of a series of books involving Bitey Poodle, a trust fund dog with a whim of iron and a heart of gold, called "Bitey Poodle's Vices," dog-owner and dog fiction author Amalia E. Zents takes you on a comedic thrill ride through Bitey Poodle's world.
Learn more about how he copes in a major metropolis as a trust fund pup who is on the look-out for
adventure, fun, and romance.
Young adult readers will lap it up, and so will you!
For more information on the series and to read free samples of the ebook and paper-back see Amazon
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